Present & Connect

Acquire the techniques and the confidence to voice your ideas.

Learn and practise skills for clear and productive conversations.

Whether you’re an individual seeking techniques or a business looking to develop the communication talents of your people, Present & Connect brings experience and understanding.

Who we are

We are professional actors with specialised experience.


We help you

Unlock your voice.

Release your anxieties about being in the spotlight.

Present with knowledge of your body language and gesture.

Connect with an audience in Presentations, Interviews, Speeches and Performances.

Find the keys to effective conversation.

We bring you

Transferrable performance skills from acting in theatre, television, film, radio and storytelling.

Observations and skilled feedback about your impact, from our experience training people in a diversity of global businesses and organisations.

Knowledge and insight from Psychology, teaching and bodywork to build your self awareness.

We work for some of the UK’s best Roleplay Training companies including The Alston Partnership and Actors in Industry. We know that whether it’s how to reach Partner level in a Law or Accountancy firm or managing someone in an isolated posting in the United Nations, a breakthrough can depend on how well you communicate.


Mark Spalding BA Dual Hons. Ancient History & Classical Civilisation

University of Sheffield

Level 2 Introduction to Counselling Skills (CPCAB)

Barbara Dryhurst BA Hons. Psychology University of Sheffield

CELTA English Language Teaching

Diploma in Therapeutic Healing with Psychotherapist Delcia McNeil.

Based Dorset UK.
Work locally or globally.

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